DIY Pest Control Home Remedies 

Have you imagined seeing pests wandering and crawling all over your home with your kids? No one likes that so what should you do when you see these annoying critters invading your personal space? 

Here are some useful Natural DIY pest control remedies: 

Pest Control

For ants you can use cucumber, vinegar and table salt. Put slices or peels around the area that serves as entry point for ant colonies. Ants dislike cucumber. You would not want a rotten cucumber inside your house so be sure to put it outdoors.  Vinegar could really help too in controlling pest. On their entry path you spray vinegar and let it dry. The strong scent of vinegar repels ants. Also, table Salt is one of the cheapest and best ways to get rid of the ants. Boil it with water and spray on the area where you usually see the ants.   

Everyone likes the scent of lavender but mosquitoes hate it. Put a drop of lavender oil to ribbons and hang them on your windows and doors. Also, garlic can get rig this irritating pest. Garlic has a strong scent even humans don’t like, even mosquitoes and it is a very effective mosquito killer. Crush a few and boil in water and spray around.  

For Spiders you can use vinegar, citrus essential oils and peppermint. Mix vinegar with water equally and spray the mixture on cracks and openings where the spider enters. For citrus essential spiders don’t like the taste of citrus on their feet such as oranges, lemons and limes. Spread citrus oil in affected areas, spiders will avoid these places but will not kill them. And for peppermint, mix peppermint oil with small amount of detergent and water into a spray bottle then spray on the areas where they usually creep around.  

In getting rid of flies you can utilize eucalyptus oil and basil. Apply eucalyptus oil in a cloth and leave it in the area where flies are. And plant basil on a pot and put it on doors and windows to keep flies away from your home. There are lots of varieties but all of them work equally effective.  

For cockroaches’ best remedies are beer, soap and water, sugar and baking soda. Put beer on small container to repel cockroaches. Place on their entry points. Soap and water is a very effective way of killing cockroaches, mix a tablespoon of liquid soap in cup of water. Spray it directly on a roach. It clogs its pores so they will not be able to breathe until it dies. Mix sugar and baking soda powder equally and apply it on the areas where you frequently see cockroaches. The sweet smell of sugar attracts them but when they eat the mixture of baking soda will combines with the acid and kills them. You may sprinkle the mixture in all possible areas where you often see them.  

These pest control remedies are tested and proven to be effective but we highly suggest that you maintain cleanliness in your house to avoid these pests. Also, you can always contact a professional to help if pest problem is already out of control. 

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There are many different kinds of plants in the world. No matter you live in the city or countryside you can see many types and kinds of plants and grasses and even trees.  Plants can grow very big or even there are some small plants and trees.  There are many kinds of colors of plants and trees. If you travel to some tropic, exotic countries, like Thailand, you can enjoy in vibrant, colourful, breathtaking nature. Book your accommodation directly on Thailand, getting villas on Ko Samui in the middle of the tropic paradise and start with exploring of gorgeous plants. Even the varieties of the plants are very unique and different from each other. They may look similar but the truth is not. They may look wonderful but some of them are poisonous.  We have to be careful in touching the plants and even small grasses as it may contain some poisons inside of it. It could be coming from their leaves or even from their stems and sometimes from their roots.  Some flowering plants may be deceiving to look at but most of them are not edible and can cause allergies to a lot of people. It cannot be taken care of as well inside the house for the reason that they may contain some harmful smells that is not good for our body to inhale and smell.  You may visit website to see different kinds of plants to get to know most of the common and even unusual plants in the world.  

Let’s get to know of some common types of plants.  


ALGEAE: Algae can be found everywhere in this world it can be found in your garden or sea or even to the beach or maybe even in your own bathroom. But of course, there are many different kinds of algae in this world.  One of these is what we called green algae. It has a lot of species under these green algae. They live in water and even to the damp side of the road or of your house.  If the water is color green there is a possibility that there are many green algae living in this pond.  Next is the brown algae. It can be found in the fresh water and even to the ocean.  They are considered to be one of the tallest plants in the word.  For most of the people they consider algae as a plant but for some scientist, upon looking to this closer and studying to it harder. It shows that the composition of algae is very similar to bacteria.   

LIVERWORTS TYPE OF PLANT: It is a very small kind of plant that can be seen also anywhere. There is a probability that you can see in a rocky place or even to your garden. They also like living near the waterfalls and even to the woods.    

MOSSES TYPE OF PLANT: It is a bit closer to the liverworts as they are very small to see. They also like living in moist area or places. They always fight for the space with the liverworts. The amazing thing about mosses is that they don’t need soil to grow. They can live with rocks and woods only.  

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